Need to sell your accident-damaged car? Here’s how it works

Sell your accident-damaged car online

Anyone who has been in a car accident can relate to Judith Viorst’s character, Alexander and his ‘horrible, terrible, no-good and very bad day.’  We, too, are well aware of the series of unfortunate events associated with a car wreck – especially when it comes to panel beater quotes. A relatively minor crash into the side of your vehicle can suddenly set you back R100 000 (true story!). This puts you in a bit of a financial pickle if you don’t have car insurance. And sometimes the prudent decision may be to cut your losses and sell your accident-damaged car for the best cash price. 


At ‘Sell your damaged car,’ our day job is to come alongside you through every step of the process; turning your unfortunate car circumstances into a fortunate turn of events. Our service offering includes freely towing your accident-damaged vehicle, handling all paperwork and guaranteed payment price so you can move on and get on with your life. 

Our industry experience, streamlined online process and customer testimonials are just the starting point to us getting the thumbs up and why we can help in making your day a little bit better.  


sell your accident-damaged car for the best cash price


Here’s what you can expect when you choose to sell your accident-damaged car on our online platform: 


Step #1 – Fill in your details

Our website is really uncomplicated as we are committed to a user-friendly and hassle-free experience. (The last thing we want to do is add to your stress). As soon as you land on our homepage, you will see the block where you can fill in your name, location, email address and mobile number as well as your car’s details. 


Step #2 – Upload some photos

One of the most important things to do at the scene of the accident is to take a few photos to document the extent of the damage to your vehicle. (Ideally, you want photographs of the front, back, sides, license disk and engine). Simply upload these to our platform. If your car does still start, it will be helpful to upload a video. At this stage, you have not yet committed to selling your accident-damaged or non-running car. 


Step #3 – Stay close to your phone

Within minutes of you uploading your info, one of our friendly customer service consultants will phone you or contact you via WhatsApp to guide you through the next step and arrange pricing of your accident-damaged car. 


Sell your damaged car online RSA


Step #4 – Wait for the offer

Once you have provided us with all the relevant details, your info gets passed up the chain of command to our specialist industry assessors who will determine a fair and competitive offer for your wrecked vehicle. (This should not take more than an hour and a half and is an obligation-free offer). 

If you choose to accept the offer, we will come to you and tow your car if necessary, handle all the paperwork to de-register it and pay you cash, no matter what damage. This is the quickest and most convenient way to sell a damaged car. 

Still not sure if you should sell your accident-damaged car or repair it? Read this blog. 


Step #5 – Leave a review

If you want to experience a super fantastic, really good day after being in an accident and hearing how much it will cost to have your vehicle repaired, then ‘Sell your damaged car’ could very well be the best choice you make.

Give us a try. What have you got to lose?

And if you do follow through and have the cash in your pocket, leave us a review and join our online family of satisfied happy customers

Damaged car alert! Top 4 reasons for car accidents in SA

damaged car

It all happens in a split second! A small lapse of judgement from you (or the other driver) and your precious car spins out of control as it collides on the highway. (It can happen to any of us). And now your trusty wheels are no longer running. As you navigate injuries, comfort those who are hurt, call the ambulance, organise the towing of your vehicle and fill out police accident reports, the stress of the paperwork is overwhelming. You need to sell your damaged car for the best cash price and get back to your endless to-do list without the hassle of admin and hours on the phone. 

While there are a myriad of reasons why your car is smashed, at Sell Your Damaged Car, we are in the business of helping hundreds of clients who need to sell accident-damaged cars every day. We can relieve you of some of the stress factors you are facing in the aftermath of a car crash. 

We’ve researched the top 4 reasons for car accidents in SA and included a few tips to help you keep safe on the road going forward:

#1 Driving too fast

According to Arrive Alive, the severity of a car crash increases with speed. With a reaction time of one second, it will take the average driver travelling at 110km/h about 90m to come to a stop on a dry surface. (As the speed increases, so does the time it takes to come to a halt).

The ‘need for speed’ also compromises the effectiveness of safety devices such as airbags and seat belts and reduces the visual field of the driver, restricting their peripheral vision.

So when you have somewhere to go in a rush, don’t opt to put the ‘pedal to the metal’ but instead send a message (before you start driving) to say you are likely to be a little late. A few minutes delay is better than arriving with a damaged car or not arriving at all



#2 Driving distracted

Ever sent a quick text while behind the wheel? Or perhaps you didn’t get time to apply your lipstick or put on your tie before you left home? Maybe you need to answer a quick call or programme your GPS while you travel the first kilometre to your destination?

According to Netcare, texting while driving makes you 23% more likely to have an accident – and damage your trusty vehicle. An estimated 25% of all road deaths are caused by distracted driving with young drivers being the biggest culprits.

The trouble with distracted driving is that so many South African drivers are guilty of this.  According to a survey by the Automobile Association (AA), during a typical period of peak morning traffic, 7.2% of 2 500 drivers were using their phones while driving.

If texting while driving is a temptation for you, rather lock your phone in the boot of your car to ensure that all your concentration is on the road. You can always opt to respond to those WhatsApps once you and your car arrive at the destination in one piece.

Texting while driving


#3 Driving drunk

We all know that driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious ‘no-no.’ But did you know that the legal blood alcohol level in South Africa is a mere 0.05%? This could mean that just one beer could bring a driver over the legal limit. (The fact that so many get away should never be an excuse to take a chance and drive while under the influence). Alcohol can also remain in your system for 8 hours after consumption. 

In South Africa, if you are found driving under the influence, you could be held in custody until you post bail and, depending on your prior convictions and circumstances surrounding the arrest, you could face a minimum fine of R2 000, a two-year jail sentence or both. You will also be hit with a criminal record and may even lose your driver’s licence.

Drinking and driving

According to statistics published in 2020, drunk driving accounts for 27.1% of fatal crashes in South Africa – a shocking statistic. Bottom line – drunk driving could seriously damage your car and possibly your life or the life or someone else.

The best advice we can offer is to never drink and drive – ever! Appoint a designated driver, stay the night or book an Uber.  


#4 Driving tired

Arrive Alive says that, according to anecdotal evidence, as many as 60% of truck accidents may be due to driver tiredness.“Tiredness-related accidents are three times more likely to result in serious injury or death compared to other types of road accidents,” says Arrive Alive.

Worse yet, a driver asleep at the wheel is incapable of avoiding an accident and is consequently more likely to cause death or a serious injury.

Drivers going on a long road trip are advised to take regular breaks every 2 hours on the road. And those coming off night shift are advised to rather get a lift or take public transport. 

Drowsiness can be as dangerous as alcohol, since it impairs one’s motor skills and cognitive ability. A study found that driving for more than 24 hours without sleep is comparable to driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.10%. Driving while tired will also result in slow reaction times and decreased concentration. 

Tired driver


Sell your damaged car to the rescue

Once you’ve taken a deep breath and worked through the turmoil of a car crash, give us a call to sort out the sale of your non-running car.

At Sell Your Damaged Car, we offer free towing, instant cash and top quality service to get you back to what matters most. We buy cars in any condition – running or not – and handle all the paperwork. Whatever the reason for an accident, we are here to help you. 

Get the best price for your damaged car today!

5 Reasons you may need to sell your damaged car

Reasons to sell your damaged car

In the name of auto entertainment, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond – Top Gear’s notorious trio – may get away with setting cars on fire, crashing them into walls or pushing them off bridges. But in the real world, an accident-damaged car that is wrecked beyond repair is a serious liability. Instead of hoarding this ‘hunk of metal’ in your garage or backyard, or selling it off to an auto salvage yard for a minimal return, you can sell your damaged car to us for instant cash. (We handle all the paperwork and even tow it free of charge).  

But let’s first outline some of the very real (and often traumatic) scenarios that can result in you having to sell your damaged car:

#1 Accident damage

According to stats from the AA (Automobile Association), 1 685 people died on our country’s roads just over the period 1 December 2021 to 11 January 2022. That is horrific! It is devastating for the grieving families who have lost loved ones and our sympathies go out to all who have experienced loss in this way. (This statistic does not reflect the daily accident stats in SA of serious car accidents where there are no fatalities). 

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident is likely to be fraught with further pain and frustrating logistics – from towing the car, police reports, insurance claims etc. In serious accidents, the vehicle is often written off or repair costs are so exorbitant that the best solution is to rather sell your damaged, non-running car. 

#2 Rust Damage

Rust damage is usually caused by ongoing exposure to the elements (especially at the coast) and old age. The nature of rust spots is that they spread and eventually your car’s exhaust system and fuel tank can take a real hammering. Once rust has created a hole in the metal, you’ll need to replace the entire affected section. Selling a damaged car with excessive rust is your best option as repairing it is often not worth the expense.  

sell your damaged car - rust damage

#3 Fire damage

Whether the entire car has gone up in flames or just the engine is smoking hot, it is likely that the vehicle will be a total right-off. Fuel fires or electrical fires cause major damage – externally and internally. But your car still has some value and is worth selling on our reputable damaged car-buying platform. 

Sell your damaged car - fire damage

#4 Flood or storm damage

‘Acts of God’ can wreak havoc with your car. Damage from a storm or flooding will often leave you no alternative but to sell your damaged car. Falling trees will do a piece of work on an unsuspecting vehicle – often beyond repair. And if your car has been submerged in water due to flooding, both the electronics and metal parts will be affected by water exposure. Fixing a flood-damaged car is usually not worth the investment.

sell your damaged car - flood damage

#5 Mechanical/electrical issues

There is a broad range of mechanical and electrical issues that can affect the running of your vehicle, but there are a few big-ticket items that cost a fortune in parts and labour to fix – transmission issues, engine failure, differential problems, suspension issues, blowing a cylinder head gasket, electrical starter motor issues etc. 

These are significant concerns and repairing them may be more expensive than what the car is worth, depending on the extent of the problem and the age of the car. When this is the case, your best course of action may be to upload your damaged car on our platform to get the best cash price and move on. 

Sell our damamged car - mechanical issues

Sell your damaged car online

Unfortunately, selling your damaged car to Top Gear for destruction, or Wheeler Dealers for reconstruction, are not viable options. But there is a better solution – sellyourdamagedcar.co.za; the leading damaged vehicle specialists in South Africa. We will buy your non-running car – no matter how damaged – for the best price, as well as handle the paperwork and tow it for free. We know what your damaged car is worth and buy accident-damaged cars without shortchanging our sellers.

Upload your damaged car today and get fast cash in your pocket.