How To Sell Your Damaged Car


Are you ready to sell your damaged car? Sell to us because we’ll handle all the paperwork for you with no stress and no fuss! We take the hassle out of selling your damaged car. Our dedication to full transparency is our way of providing you with complete peace of mind. Here’s a detailed breakdown of our process.

The car selling process begins when you load your details onto our site. We require information around your specific vehicle’s specifications as well as the extent to which your vehicle is damaged. Alongside information on your car, we need you to provide your personal information in order for one of our consultants to contact you and assist you through the rest of the process.

After your information has been provided, one of our consultants will then call you and send you a WhatsApp with further requirements. After a line of communication has been established and the relevant information has been exchanged, we’ll get back to you with an offer on your vehicle. If you accept our offer, you’ll receive all the relevant sale agreement documents while we complete a series of vehicle verification checks. Once we have received the completed documents and created a stock number for your vehicle, our consultant will then arrange for the collection of your vehicle.

Once we can confirm that everything about your vehicle matches your initial information, we proceed to add your vehicle to our stock and finalise the process of payment to you. Finally, our proof of payment will be sent to you as soon as it’s received. The process may seem difficult or overwhelming but rest assured that our consultants are ready and willing to guide you every step of the way to make the sale as easy as possible for you!

Auction Nation is the leading damaged vehicle specialist

We not only buy and advertise broken and damaged vehicles, we also ensure each one is sold quickly by handling the process using a streamlined, top operational program with clear communication throughout.

Auction Nation is a division of the BlueSpec Group, the leading service provider in outsourced procurement solutions for major insurance companies including FNOL (first notice of loss), auto body repair, accident management, independent insurance yards, salvage management, and vehicle logistics.


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