Need to sell your wrecked car? Here's some South African positivity

The likelihood of the words ‘crashed car’ and ‘positivity’ ending up in the same sentence are pretty unlikely. The circumstances surrounding any vehicle accident are traumatic at worst and frustrating at best. And it might take a while before you can feel better about the circumstances. But here at Sell your damaged car, we have some positivity to share.

And this positivity comes directly from fellow South Africans. We first meet our customers after an accident when they are faced with the overwhelming prospect of having to sell their wrecked or non-running car. It is their positive feedback that keeps us striving to do better.

When the rubber hits the road - or in this case, when a car hits sudden end of life - we jump into action to smooth the way forward:

  • we tow your car free of charge,
  • see to all the paperwork and
  • get you a fair and competitive offer for your wrecked or crashed car.

But it is the actual voices of our satisfied customers that will resonate with you and persuade you of our reputation and customer-centric service offering when the day comes to sell your accident-damaged or non-running vehicle.

So let’s hear what they have to say:

‘He said, she said, we said…’

Communication between the customer and our online team is what can make or break any interaction. Although the ultimate goal is to get you a great deal when you sell your wrecked car, someone holding your hand throughout the process is priceless. That is why we are committed to a streamlined experience where there is no ‘breakdown’ in comms.

Nina had this to say about our customer service team: “You never let me wonder what was happening. You kept me informed all the time. Your help with completing all the documentation and your patience were greatly appreciated.

Sell your damaged car will tow your wrecked vehicle free of charge

Andre V not only gave us 5 stars on HelloPeter but also added this glowing review: “After being a bit sceptical of selling my damaged car this way, I had excellent service and guidance from Anees to seal the deal. The vehicle was collected as arranged and payment was also done as promised.

‘Speed is of the essence’

We know that ‘speed kills,’ but when it comes to selling your wrecked or non-running vehicle, speed is important. Life goes on and you cannot sit without your wheels indefinitely. That is where you need a closer (aka Sell your damaged car). You don’t have time to wait weeks to sort through the paperwork to deregister your car or get quote after quote. You need a trusted platform that delivers on its promises and will get you the best cash price - no matter what the damage to your car is.

Sell your wrecked or non-running car for cash

We are grateful that we have the testimonials to back up our promises. “I sold my non-runner to them, and everything was done and processed within a week. The service is really excellent!” -Kholo Felo

NJ Mlenze agrees: “It is very rare to find such a warm and speedy process that is full of passion.

Tunin R - another satisfied customer - posted his 5-star review on HelloPeter: “In a very difficult situation when my car was beyond repair for a reasonable cost, Abdul Charamadan from SYDC was very efficient at providing an offer for the car which was not running, arranging the documentation and collection and providing the agreed price promptly as arranged. I would recommend SYDC to get rid of any damaged or non-running car. They are the experts in the field. Abdul was extremely friendly and helpful throughout.

The #positivevibes continue with Zoe’s feedback “I would like to express my happiness with the service I received when I was selling my car. I had been struggling to sell my car for months. I came across your details on the website and contacted you. I have had a prompt response and up until the vehicle was collected at my house, everything was a breeze. I appreciate your commitment to delivering such 1st Class service to your customers. May you continue to render such excellent service to other customers as well.

‘Keeping it professional’

Professionalism is a key factor in any transaction or deal. David H. Maister, former Harvard Business School professor, American writer and expert on business management practices and the management of professional service firms said ‘Professionalism is not a label you give to yourself, it’s a description you hope others will apply to you.

We are humbled when our clients are ready to respond with feedback that speaks to our professional service offering and ethos.

"I just want to say ‘Thank you’ for the amazing service that I received. From the very first contact that you made with me, you have made the entire process so effortless and easy for me. You constantly checked up on me and always gave feedback at every step. You are simply amazing. If only every company had people like you.” -Thuso

Michael Monareng weighs in: “From day one, I had great customer service and was never frustrated by what otherwise would have been a daunting experience. The offer was fair for what was presented and loads of positivity from the agent made it all that more of a pleasant experience.

There is nothing more to say except…

‘Sell your wrecked car with us’

There is not much we can do to change what happened in the past regarding your unfortunate accident, but we can change your experience going forward in the midst of an emotional scenario. The team at Sell your damaged car are ready to provide an easy and efficient solution that gives you the peace of mind you are after.

We’ll let Tanya have the last word: “I was blown away by the incredible service and simplicity of the process!! Thank you for your excellence!


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