What to know when selling a car with mechanical problems

Your once-trustworthy vehicle has given up the ghost and mechanical troubles have become your unwanted reality. Whether the car has just conked out on the highway or you’ve come to the end of your cash reserves for repairs on your non-runner gathering dust in the backyard, you need to know where to sell your car with mechanical problems for the best price. Whatever your context, the car needs to go. You don’t want to be ripped off or, worse, put through an exhausting and painful selling process.

Having decided to part ways with your mechanically faulty vehicle, what considerations should be top of the agenda before selecting a buyer for your non-running car?

Let’s unpack the 5 major points to check off your list of requirements when perusing possible places to sell your damaged car:

#1 Speed

When you’re sitting with a non-running car you can’t go anywhere. So time is of the essence. You’ve weighed up the options and repairing it is too costly. You're thinking, ‘I need to sell my car with mechanical problems - and fast’.

You’ve got no time for lengthy online forms, calls or endless back-and-forths with possible buyers.

Frustrated motorist looks under the bonnet of his non-running car

How does uploading your vehicle online in 5 minutes and receiving an obligation-free offer within 24 hours sound?

#2 Safety

Selling an asset like a vehicle online can prove to be a daunting idea, especially with all the shady buyers out there; online and in person.

No-one wants to pick up an online virus or be scammed during the already stressful process of selling their car with mechanical problems.

You need a safe online option for selling your damaged car.

At SYDC, our website is completely secure, and with experience in selling between 3,000 and 3,500 vehicles every month for the last 7 years, you can relax knowing you and your non-running vehicle are in safe hands.

#3 Convenience

There are few things more painful than wrapping up the logistics of selling a vehicle privately. Endless paperwork, time-wasting admin, arranging possible towing and unanswered phone calls.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. When you choose to sell your car with mechanical troubles to SYDC, you have immediate access to these benefits:

  • Free towing of your non-running car
  • We wrap up the paperwork to deregister your car
  • You receive an instant payment upon completion of the sale.

These are three good reasons to smile 😀

Person tries to sell their car with mechanical problems online
#4 Trustworthiness

Selling a major asset like a car (whether it’s running or not) is a major undertaking. You want assurance that you have made the right choice.

Word of mouth - in the form of reviews on trusted, honest platforms like Hellopeter - is even more effective than an hour-long massage for relieving tension.

Let’s relieve the tension and share some of our honest appraisals with you:

#5 Price

Selling a non-running car for next to nothing is only marginally better than having a hunk of scrap decaying in your backyard.

Man looks at the smoke emitting from his vehicle engine

Even though your car has mechanical problems, you know that it still has value in the form of functional parts, metal and more. So when you decide to sell your damaged car, you want to receive the best possible price for your vehicle.

At SYDC, we know your car’s value and guarantee a competitive cash price that will restore your hope in humanity.

Choose to sell your damaged car to us

There’s no need to feel like you’re in a dilemma when you need to sell your vehicle with mechanical problems.

Sell Your Damaged Car is your fast, safe, convenient and trustworthy solution for getting the best price on your non-running car.


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