Sell Your Damaged Car For The Best Cash Price In SA

Are you debating whether to sell your damaged car or rather fix it? Perhaps you have even tried selling your vehicle privately but the ordeal was so daunting and the result was disappointingly lowball offers. Before you let your non-running car gather more dust or you consider spending hefty amounts trying to fix it, you do have a better alternative - Sell Your Damaged Car. Our online process is proudly local, hassle-free and considerably rewarding.

Before you attempt to sell your damaged car, let’s first clarify what that means: non-running, wrecked, accident damaged, flood-damaged, fire-damaged, broken or underperforming cars with serious mechanical issues. But no matter which of these best describes your car, we will buy it, regardless of the condition.

Here are 3 persuasive reasons to sell your non-running vehicle to us:

#1 More ‘ka-ching ka-ching

We are well aware that your car has some sentimental value to you. This can make it hard when it’s time to sell, whatever the reason may be. Your emotional value usually exceeds the actual value. Consequently, every offer received may seem like a dagger in the heart

Here at Sell Your Damaged Car thanks to our industry expertise – we make sure you get top ‘dollar’ for your non-running vehicle. Unlike private buyers or salvage yards – who may try to haggle you down due to your car’s damage – we know what your damaged car is worth and buy accident damaged cars without shortchanging our sellers.

If you are needing to sell your damaged Audi, BMW, Mercedes or Ford (or any other make or model), our experts will evaluate your car and then offer you instant cash and the best offer on the market.

#2 ‘Lekker’ service

When your car is seriously damaged or the mileage, performance and comfort have taken a hit for the worst, there is truly no better option than to offload your beloved vehicle to 'Sell Your Damaged Car'.

We offer you a streamlined and hassle-free online experience as well as peace of mind as we take care of the whole process – effortlessly and transparently. We will tow your non-running vehicle to our premises (free of charge), handle all the paperwork and ensure you get a fast cash payment.

Simply get in touch with us and a designated consultant will assist you from start to finish.

#3 Our proudly ‘Mzansi’ reputation

Being South African means taking pride in every aspect that makes up our culture from braais, and boerewors to bakkies and ubuntu. Likewise, here at Sell Your Damaged Car, we take pride in our well-earned reputation as the largest salvage auctioneer in South Africa.

We are a member of the BlueSpec Group, an industry giant in outsourced procurement solutions. We only make promises that we can keep because we have a name to protect and our delivery is guided by professionalism.

Try us – what have you got to lose? Selling your damaged car with us guarantees you a seamless process and the best cash price.


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