Should I Sell My Damaged Car Or Repair It?

Your car is badly damaged and you are contemplating whether to repair it or cut your losses and sell. There are many questions to weigh up: Will the repair costs add up to more than I can potentially sell my damaged car for? Will the stress of taking the car to a backyard mechanic be worth it? Will my current car issues trigger more problems and create more stress and financial burden? Besides parts, will the labour costs amount to more than I bargained for? How do I find a reputable and reliable mechanic? (We can sense your stress levels rising!).

At Sell Your Damaged Car, we would like to highlight a few instances in which selling your broken down car – and earning cash instantly with us – is the savvy hassle-free solution instead of trying to fork out major cash for a repair job.

#1 Extensive frame damage

Most cars nowadays have a unibody frame that wraps around the entire vehicle and which is designed to hold the car together in the event of an accident. If the frame of a car is damaged, the vehicle becomes less safe to drive. As the costs of frame or chassis repair can often exceed the value of the vehicle (particularly with older cars), it is a no-brainer to rather sell your accident-damaged car and receive the best cash price. We will even tow your car and sort out all the paperwork.

#2 Serious rust damage

Whether you live at the coast or your car is regularly exposed to the elements, rust is a car killer. While surface-level rust can be sand-papered over, primed and re-sprayed, rust that has created a deep hole in the metal of your car creates a serious issue. You might need to replace entire sections or panels of the car which can become exorbitant. Worse yet, if rust spreads to the exhaust and fuel tank, the cost of repair will quickly escalate.

#3 Major mechanical issues

Are all your vehicle’s mechanical troubles making the dashboard light up like a Christmas tree? ‘Low oil pressure’, ‘low oil level’ and ‘check engine’ lights can start as small problems but add up in the long-term.

An exhaust emitting white smoke (which might as well be your cash going up in smoke) could indicate that water and antifreeze are leaking into your engine. This could mean a blown head gasket which is going to be a significant and pricey repair job.

Dark smoke on the other hand could mean that oil is mixing with fuel; a warning that the drive belts or other parts under the bonnet are damaged. Replacing a vehicle engine is extremely costly, making the option to sell your damaged or non-running car more obvious.

#4 Electrical troubles

The alternator is one of the main components of your vehicle’s electrical and charging system which supplies power to the car battery. A dying battery, failing plates, worn out ball bearings, dim lights and warning lights on the dashboard are just some issues that could cause the alternator to fail. Repairing this component can set vehicle owners back a great deal.

#5 Rejected insurance claims

If your insurer gives you the thumbs down for repairs for your accident-damaged car, chances are it will be a stressful and expensive process to fit the bill on your own. You may be considering selling it off to a salvage yard, but we suggest a simpler option…

Solution = Sell your damaged car to us

A scrap yard is not going to look at the value of your car’s parts, but will pay you according to the weight of the vehicle’s scrap metal. You will also still have the responsibility of sifting through the paperwork to deregister your car before it is scrapped.

At Sell your damaged car, we will buy your car in any condition and pay you what it’s worth. In addition, we offer free towing, the best possible offers, instant cash as well as handling all the stressful paperwork.


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