Sell your damaged car, SA - 3 reasons we get the thumbs up

Sell Damaged Cars Fast

We realise that there is not much reason to smile if you are sitting with a wrecked, smashed, damaged or non-running car. And if your vehicle has been written off, you are faced with a few logistical hurdles to overcome. But that is where we ‘ride in’ to save the day. With our salvage car industry experience, we not only tow your car free of charge but also handle all the paperwork and offer you the best cash price when you need to sell your damaged cars.

Needing to sell your damaged car? There are 3 reasons we are getting smiles and the thumbs up from our satisfied customers:

#1 Our specialist industry experience

There are a variety of reasons you may need to sell your accident damaged or non-running car. But you can rest assured that we will buy any car in any condition. As we are the largest salvage auctioneer in South Africa, we know what your wrecked car is worth and have all the logistics in place to get you maximum cash in your pocket.

We are in the business of buying and advertising non-running and damaged vehicles – quickly – without shortchanging you.

#2 Our streamlined online service offering

When dealing with the daunting aftermath of a car accident, which leaves your vehicle in a non-economically repairable state, a little help from us will simplify the ‘sell your damaged car’ process and ease some of the financial burden.

Simply upload your personal details, the car’s make, model and year plus some images of the damaged vehicle you wish to sell. This will allow us to evaluate your vehicle and we will get back to you with our best cash offer. We then handle the entire process using a streamlined operational program with clear communication throughout. This includes towing your non-running car and handling the paperwork and legalities required to deregister your vehicle.

#3 Our satisfied customer testimonials

Nothing speaks more to a credible service offering and on-the-ground experience than a customer’s review. They have navigated the ‘sell your damaged car’ logistics; testing the validity of our online process and our service offering promises. And we all know that if South Africans are not happy – they are quick to complain, name and shame.

That is why we are so grateful for the ‘thumbs up’ testimonials from satisfied customers who can attest to us delivering on what we offer when they sell their non-running vehicles.

If we had to summarize their reviews, the following sentiments stand out :

  • A professional customer relations interface and 1st class service.
  • A prompt response and commitment to the delivery of what we promise.
  • A pleasant and successful online experience.
  • A passionate team that deals with our clients with empathy and kindness.
  • A process that is easy to navigate with fair cash offers.
Sell your damaged car, SA

The people have spoken. So, if you need to sell your damaged car, ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating.’ And that starts with you putting us to the test and choosing to get the best cash price by selling your non-running car on our online platform.


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