Help! My Car Is Flood-Damaged

Torrential rain and flash floods are seasonal catastrophic ‘acts of God’ experienced across South Africa that result in major damage, disruption, displacement and the loss of lives. At SellYourDamagedCar, we may not be at the forefront of national and provincial relief efforts, but we are able to provide some ‘relief’ if you are looking to sell your flood-damaged car.

Although not immediately obvious, flooding can wreak havoc on your vehicle, resulting in extensive damage to the electrical, mechanical and structural components. This places you in a bit of a predicament: What course of action should you take if your car has been the victim of flood damage?

Know the signs of a flood-damaged car

For any car that has been submerged in water or exposed to flooding conditions for a period of time, the likelihood of some vehicle damage is a reality.

If you notice any of the following, we suggest you get your car assessed for flood damage:

  • A musty or mouldy odour inside the car
  • Water stains on the interior upholstery or carpeting
  • Corrosion or rust on metal components
  • Discoloured or foggy headlights
  • Malfunctioning electrical systems or issues with headlights and indicators
  • (Erratic) malfunctioning mechanical systems relating to the car’s running.
Get a 3rd-party inspection

If your car is insured, you can skip this paragraph as your insurer will take responsibility. But if you are uninsured, you will need to get an inspection to ascertain where you stand with your flood-damaged vehicle and what your options are going forward. (You do not want to be left high and dry!)

Don't be left high & dry because your car is flood-damaged. Contact SellYourDamagedCar
  • A visual inspection is the first step in assessing the extent of a flood-damaged car. This will include a careful inspection of the interior and exterior of the vehicle for visible signs of water damage including checking under the seats, dashboard and in the boot. (Signs of mud or silt residue are warning signs as well as carpeting that is damp or discoloured).
  • A mechanical and electrical inspection by a qualified mechanic is essential to thoroughly assess the damage. They have the tools and expertise to evaluate any underlying issues and will determine the extent of the flood damage and whether the vehicle is salvageable.

Once the damage is thoroughly documented - including photographs and/or video footage - the next step is to determine the value of your car to make an informed decision on whether you should sell your flood-damaged vehicle or have it repaired.

If the cost of repairs outweighs the car’s current market value, it will be more practical to sell it. That is where we are able to give you a competitive cash price on your flood-damaged car, handle all the documentation and tow it at no extra charge.

(Disclaimer: If you choose to sell your car privately, the responsibility is yours to comply with the legal requirements and provide accurate and full disclosure of any flood damage to a potential buyer)

Sell your flood-damaged car for cash

Flood or water damage is a serious issue. Waterlogged interiors, damaged electrical systems, engine problems, corrosion and mould growth will all impact your vehicle’s functionality and safety.

At SellYourDamagedCar, we will buy your flood-damaged car, no matter what the damage. Even if your vehicle is non-running, we guarantee you a hassle-free experience and cash in your pocket (which you can always set aside for a ‘rainy day’). ☂️


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