Vehicle Safety Features That May Save Your Life In An Accident

Serious road accidents are an unfortunate daily reality of driving on our South African roads. The reasons are many and the casualties are numerous. The fact that at some serious car accident scenes drivers and/or passengers are able to walk away relatively unscathed, is largely due to the safety features of the car. These features may not necessarily mitigate the damage to your vehicle and you having to find a solution to get rid of your accident-damaged car, but they may save your life.

You don’t have to have been a boy scout or had a mom with a ‘helicopter’ parenting style to know that ‘safety first’ is a wise mantra to live by - in all areas of decision making. And when it comes to buying a car - much like reluctantly acknowledging the necessity of a prenup or writing your will - preparing for the worst is the nature of adulting and protecting yourself and your loved ones. Being proactive in adding safety features to your vehicle may not prevent a collision or your car from being completely written off, but they will give you some peace of mind and hopefully ensure that you survive to sell your accident-damaged car.

Here at Sell Your Damaged Car, we are not only in the business of helping you navigate the process and logistics of selling a wrecked, non-running car after an accident, but we are here to educate you on making smart decisions when it comes to buying a car.

Here are the top 4 safety features that should be non-negotiables when buying a car:

#1 Airbags

Besides seatbelts, which have been mandatory in cars since 1968, the innovation of airbags - front or curtain - has hugely transformed the safety ratings of all vehicles. In a crash, deployed airbags significantly cushion the driver and passengers from steering wheel, dashboard and side of car impact; preventing more serious bodily harm. A car could be completely wrecked in a head-on collision or major side impact and yet the driver and passengers could be spared huge trauma.

Airbags - a life-saving feature in an  car accident
#2 ABS technology

An Anti-locking Braking System (ABS) is a potentially life-saving safety feature; lowering the risk of your vehicle’s wheels locking when you need to slam on the brakes and thereby preventing you from skidding and allowing you to stay in control and steer out of a dangerous situation to avoid a major accident.

The benefit of ABS technology
#3 Electronic control systems

There are 2 electronic systems that up the safety ratings of a vehicle:

  • The first is the electronic system control that will come standard in any car manufactured after 2012. This technology involves electronic sensors that detect wheel speed, sideways motion, steering angle and rotation and prevent the car from skidding and sliding.
  • The second electronic system is traction control which limits the wheel spin on acceleration, giving the tyres maximum traction in wet and dry conditions. This system is generally paired with ABS technology to prevent the car from skidding and causing major accident damage.
#4 Adaptive headlights

Perhaps more a ‘nice-to-have’ than a ‘must-have,’ adaptive headlights could be a lifesaver when driving at night or in rainy or foggy conditions. Sensors monitor the vehicle’s elevation to more effectively illuminate road visibility ahead; to see oncoming traffic, animals crossing the road after dark or sudden twists and turns in the road. They also reduce the glare for oncoming drivers.

Car driving through fog
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If you have been in a major accident and are currently sitting with a non-running wrecked vehicle that is beyond repair, your next step is to contact the professional team to Sell Your Damaged Car. We will not only tow your vehicle and handle all the paperwork required to deregister your car, but we will also offer you a competitive cash price.


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