Need To Sell Your Accident-Damaged Car? Here's How It Works

Anyone who has been in a car accident can relate to Judith Viorst’s character, Alexander and his ‘horrible, terrible, no-good and very bad day.’ We, too, are well aware of the series of unfortunate events associated with a car wreck - especially when it comes to panel beater quotes. A relatively minor crash into the side of your vehicle can suddenly set you back R100 000 (true story!). This puts you in a bit of a financial pickle if you don't have car insurance. And sometimes the prudent decision may be to cut your losses and sell your accident-damaged car for the best cash price.

At ‘Sell your damaged car,’ our day job is to come alongside you through every step of the process - turning your unfortunate car circumstances into a fortunate turn of events. Our service offering includes freely towing your accident-damaged vehicle, handling all paperwork and guaranteed payment price so you can move on and get on with your life.

Our industry experience, streamlined online process and customer testimonials are just the starting point to us getting the thumbs up and why we can help in making your day a little bit better.

Tips to sell your accident-damaged car.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose to sell your accident-damaged car on our online platform:

Step #1 - Fill in your details

Our website is really uncomplicated as we are committed to a user-friendly and hassle-free experience. (The last thing we want to do is add to your stress). As soon as you land on our homepage, you will see the block where you can fill in your name, location, email address and mobile number as well as your car’s details.

Step #2 - Upload some photos

One of the most important things to do at the scene of the accident is to take a few photos to document the extent of the damage to your vehicle. (Ideally, you want photographs of the front, back, sides, license disk and engine). Simply upload these to our platform. If your car does still start, it will be helpful to upload a video. At this stage, you have not yet committed to selling your accident-damaged or non-running car.

Step #3 - Stay close to your phone
Sell your accident-damaged or wrecked car for cash.

Within minutes of you uploading your info, one of our friendly customer service consultants will phone you or contact you via WhatsApp to guide you through the next step and arrange the pricing for your accident-damaged car.

Step #4 - Wait for the offer

Once you have provided us with all the relevant details, your info gets passed up the chain of command to our specialist industry assessors who will determine a fair and competitive offer for your wrecked vehicle. (This should not take more than an hour and a half and is an obligation-free offer).

If you choose to accept the offer, we will come to you and tow your car if necessary, handle all the paperwork to de-register it and pay you cash, no matter what damage. This is the quickest and most convenient way to sell a damaged car.

Still not sure if you should sell your accident-damaged car or repair it? Read this blog.

Step #5 - Leave a review

If you want to experience a super fantastic, really good day after being in an accident and hearing how much it will cost to have your vehicle repaired, then ‘Sell your damaged car’ could very well be the best choice you make.

And if you do follow through and have the cash in your pocket, leave us a review and join our online family of satisfied happy customers.


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