Where And How Can I Sell A Non-Running Car?

Whether you’re sitting at the side of the road after the ‘100th’ breakdown or gazing in despair at the non-running vehicle in your backyard, we are here to encourage you to not lose hope. It can be difficult to negotiate the logistics of finding a new mode of transport, but the process of selling your non-running car doesn’t have to be.

Our specialist team at SellYourDamagedCar is very familiar with what a non-running car means for South Africans, especially if you are uninsured.

There are two key questions that are top of mind in these scenarios:

  • Where can I sell a non-running car?
  • How do I go about selling my non-running vehicle?

While new and used car dealerships don’t accept a non-running car for a trade-in, this doesn’t mean the process of selling your wrecked wheels needs to be any more stressful or financially fruitless.

As leaders in the accident-damaged and non-running car industry, we are well-versed with the struggle of getting quick, easy cash for your damaged, uninsured vehicle.

Woman wonders how she will sell her non-running car

Let’s unpack the simple answers to your burning questions:

Where to sell a non-running car?

There are a couple of alternatives available when asking this question, but not all options are equal. Here’s the ‘breakdown:’

#1 Choose to sell privately

In our industry experience, this is a clear hit or miss scenario, where all your cards (or wheels) need to be aligned to ensure a profitable and fair sale.

But realistically,this option is fraught with risks.

Firstly, placing your vehicle on the public market opens you up to a number of scammers and shady individuals wanting to acquire a vehicle at the cheapest price or even dodge payment entirely and leave you high and dry.

Secondly, you cannot be assured that you are getting the market-related price for your non-running car.

And thirdly, you may need to wait a long time (sifting through a number of dodgy applicants) to get a decent price - which delays you from acquiring a new ride.

#2 Sell to a scrap yard

This is a speedy and legitimate option, but not one that will give you the best cash price.

Scrap yards operate by giving sellers an amount of cash that’s directly related to the weight of the scrap metal on the non-running vehicle. They fail to account for any working parts that could be re-sold or the possible repair of the vehicle itself.
(Because no other value features of your car are considered in this transaction, the low returns make this an unwise solution).

A crane transports a vehicle at a scrap yard
#3 Sell with us for the best cash price

Need a quick, safe, hassle-free, customer-focused solution to your non-running vehicle woes?

Because we use historical data from the sale of between 3 000 and 3 500 cars each month over the last 7 years to determine an accurate, market-related and fair price for your vehicle - taking into account a number of factors - we can offer you a great cash deal.

Plus you can be assured of the following:

  • Free towing
  • The handling of all the paperwork involved in the de-registration your car
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Instant cash in your pocket

So let’s ask the question again: Where should I sell my non-running car?

How to sell a non-running car?

Now that you’re convinced that SYDC is the most lucrative and time-saving option for selling your non-running wheels, we want to help you sort out the process in no time.

A man calls for help with his non-running car

Simply follow the steps below (or read a more detailed explanation here):

#1 Visit our website and fill in our form

#2 Speak to a knowledgeable and helpful consultant

#3 Take some photos of your non-running vehicle (and perhaps also include a short video of your non-starter)

#4 Receive an obligation-free offer within 24 hours

#5 Accept the offer and enjoy a host of benefits.

A woman tries to sell her non-running car online

Selling your non-running vehicle really does not need to be a lengthy, stressful and expensive process.


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