Sell Your Wrecked Car With Us And We'll Sort Out The Towing

Car accidents are traumatic and stressful situations. Allowing your brain to spiral through the numerous consequences and questions in the moments after the crash can become very overwhelming… ‘What legal criteria should I follow after an accident? Where is the best place to sell a wrecked vehicle? Can I sell an accident-damaged car that is financed? How will I arrange the towing of my damaged car?’

While we have already written a number of blogs to walk you through the first few panicked questions regarding your damaged, non-running or completely wrecked vehicle, we’ve taken this opportunity to resolve the issue of towing:

#1 Do I choose to repair or sell my damaged car?

Before we tackle the issue of towing, there are a number of factors that play into the decision of whether to sell up or repair your non-running car, particularly after it’s been in an accident

These are some scenarios where arranging a repair will be a waste of time and money:

  • The car is very old, making the repairs more costly than the vehicle is actually worth
  • Your insurance has rejected your claims for repair work
  • The vehicle has major mechanical or electrical issues
  • The accident has resulted in extensive frame damage.
A concerned man calls for help after a car accident.

If the above listed scenarios are not the case with you, perhaps it's worth getting a quote regarding the vehicle’s post-accident sale price or asking a trusted mechanic to evaluate whether the repair of your damaged car would be worthwhile.

Which tow truck company can I trust?

Tow truck companies have a notorious reputation in South Africa for rushing to accident scenes, charging excessive fees and taking advantage of shell-shocked drivers.

Knowing your towing rights is vital to handling these situations correctly:

  • Contact your insurer (if you have one) for advice and information concerning their coverage of tow truck companies and which company they are aligned with
  • It is your right to choose a tow truck driver. It is only in the case of your own incapacity that police or emergency personnel can make this decision on your behalf
  • Get all the information from the tow truck company that will remove your damaged vehicle from the accident scene. This includes: the operator’s name, the company name, company registration number, physical address and address of storage site, cost of towing and storage per km/day. Do all this BEFORE allowing the tow truck company to remove your wrecked or non-running car
  • Take photos of your vehicle before allowing the tow truck to leave with your car.

All of this can be extremely stressful, with exorbitant rates charged by tow truck companies for kilometres travelled and storage of the damaged vehicle.

This is where SYDC ‘rides in’ to save the day. If you choose to sell your wrecked car with us, we will arrange FREE TOWING of your vehicle, taking the hassle and expense off your hands (and giving you an added sigh of relief).

A wrecked car is loaded onto a tow truck.
Why sell your damaged car with us?

If you’ve made the decision to sell your damaged, non-running or wrecked car, it’s important to do your homework and find a trusted place to organise the sale.

Here are 5 reasons to choose us:

  • As already stated, we provide FREE TOWING, taking a massive financial and stress-inducing load off your plate
  • We buy cars in ANY CONDITION, whether they’re non-running, accident-damaged or completely wrecked
  • We promise our clients a COMPETITIVE, INDUSTRY-RELATED PRICE, assuring you that you will receive the price that your damaged car is actually worth at the end of the day
  • We HANDLE ALL THE PAPERWORK of deregistering your vehicle
  • We offer INSTANT CASH upon the purchase of your car.

Ready to sell your car?

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