3 Types Of Accident Damaged Cars You Can Sell

Whether it’s a small prang on the passenger door in the parking lot, a serious head-on collision on the highway or a rear-end ding at the stop-street, ending up with an accident-damaged car is a hard pill to swallow. It only takes a few seconds for your shiny new ride to end up with little salvageable value (at least in the eyes of many car selling platforms). While working through the emotions of an accident can be tough, selling your wrecked car doesn’t have to be.

At Sell Your Damaged Car, we pride ourselves on buying cars in any condition (running or not) and offering our customers the best cash price as well as a positive and professional customer care experience.

In the industry, buyers and insurers give accident-damaged cars a status, based on the extent of the damage, in order to determine their value.

Here are 3 types of accident-damaged cars we will buy:

#1 Slightly damaged cars

Was it a minor bump or trivial prang? Code 2 damaged cars (aka slightly damaged cars) are vehicles that have been in an accident but fortunately only sustained peripheral blemishes.

This effectively means that when your car bumped into another vehicle (or tree) it only incurred a small dent and the structural integrity of the car remains uncompromised (i.e. the chassis remains intact).

Person assesses accident-damage on car

This is good news for your wallet, because you will still receive a fairly significant amount of money for your accident-damaged car, since it can be repaired to meet Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards. With a little nip and tuck, the car can get back on the road and be taken seriously by insurers and roadworthiness assessors.

Trading-in your car for an upgrade may seem like an easy solution, but it’s unlikely to get you a good price or offer the value added benefits of free towing and the handling of paperwork (involved in change of ownership of your car) that come standard at Sell Your Damaged Car.

#2 Structurally damaged cars

The outlook for a structurally-compromised car is a little less favourable. Since the chassis or overall bodywork on the car has taken a fair amount of flak during the accident, it will not receive as high a price as the Code 2 car mentioned above.

But don’t lose hope. Code 3 (rebuilt) cars do still have repair potential - but not to the extent of achieving the coveted OEM standards.

Woman looks at accident-damage incurred on car

Banks will not finance these vehicles and insurers will not insure these accident-damaged cars (so there is a serious loss of value). If these cars were insured at the time of the accident, the insurers would now see them as uneconomical to repair (i.e. written off).

You may believe that selling your wrecked car privately is a good solution to your current vehicle predicament, but it’s bound to be time-consuming, stressful and land you up with lowball offers (at a time when there is already a lot of stress in your life following a traumatic accident).

At Sell Your Damaged Car, we give you instant cash and excellent service to help you breathe a sigh of relief.

#3 Cars useful for spare parts

Code 3A accident-damaged cars are only valuable for their spare parts, which can be stripped and sold off. These cars need to be removed from the road because they are unroadworthy.

While this situation is unlikely to give you a high price, it’s still important to ensure you get the most for your car.

Man crouches in despair after his car is damaged in an accident

Selling your vehicle to a salvage yard is unlikely to be the best solution since they only offer you money for the scrap metal they can rescue from your car (spare parts are generally worth more than this amount).

According to Sell Your Damaged Car Sales Manager Rikus Booyens, “Code 3A buyers focus on fast moving parts and 80% of vehicle value is in Engine and drivetrain.” (This is helpful to know when getting an idea of what your car is worth).

Sell your accident-damaged car for a competitive price

Once you’ve taken a deep breath and worked through the stress of the collision, it’s time to make the decision about the best way to sell your accident-damaged car.

Sell Your Damaged Car’s hassle-free, quick and simple online process ensures that you can get back to the things that matter most without being short-changed for your vehicle.


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