How Can I Get Cash For My Non-Running Car?

Your once trusty set of wheels has given up the ghost. Whether it’s an engine component that is too costly to repair or a battery non-starter, having a non-running car can create the perception that it’s tough to sell. Don’t let the stress of getting cash for your non-running car give you gray hairs and tempt you into accepting mediocre offers from private sales.

Sell Your Damaged Car has experience in offering competitive prices for between 3 000 and 3 500 cars every month; not only giving car owners peace of mind that they are getting a competitive price for their wrecked vehicle but also offering instant cash for non-running cars.

All you need to do is follow our simple 5-step process to wave ‘goodbye’ to your worries and say ‘hello’ to cash for your non-running vehicle:

#1 Visit our website and fill in your details

Our safe, user-friendly online portal is easy-to-use. It just takes 5 minutes to fill in our form with your personal details, basic car details (including information about whether the vehicle is financed and vehicle damage (be it exterior or interior). Click submit and voilá! 👏🏽

Follow the simple online process with SYDC to get cash for your non-running car
#2 Speak to a consultant

Stay near to your phone, because within a few minutes (literally), someone from Sell Your Damaged Car will give you a ring (or contact you on WhatsApp) to help you through the next step you should take. 📞

This is obligation-free and you can still decide whether to take the next step to receive a decent quote to receive cash for your non-running car.

A frustrated motorist tries to find the problem with their non-running car
#3 Take some photos

In order for us to accurately evaluate the value of your vehicle, we need to see photos. 📷

Supply us with as many pictures of your vehicle as possible from every angle imaginable (front, back, sides, close up and far away) so that we can get a good idea of its ins and outs. While some car owners may have never scratched or dented their cars, others have incurred major internal damage in the form of mechanical damage or electrical damage - resulting in a non-running vehicle.

If your car is a non-starter, it would be helpful to upload a video.

A person takes a photo of their dented car
#4 Receive an offer

The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! 🙌🏽

Our specialist industry assessors will use the information supplied to us to evaluate a competitive cash price for your non-running wheels. (This step should not take longer than an hour and a half within regular working hours). This offer is free of charge and it is up to you whether you would like to accept or reject the quote.

A motorist is pleased with the efficient service they receive when selling their damaged car
#5 Accept the offer

If you decide to proceed with the cash offer on your non-running car, you can sit back and enjoy these additional benefits:

  • Free towing from wherever the non-running vehicle is stationed
  • We handle all the paperwork, so you don’t have to stress about it
  • You will receive instant cash for your damaged car.
SYDC - the best place to get cash for your non-running car

Selling your non-running car is hassle-free, stress-free and simple thanks to SYDC.

If you’re still not convinced that you’ve made the right decision, check out our positive reviews.


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