Sell Your Non Running Car: Mechanical Failure Alerts

It’s bad enough when warning signs alert you to problems on your laptop or home security system, but when flashing warning lights indicate issues with the mechanical workings of your vehicle, you may need to consider getting rid of it. Here at Sell your damaged car, we can certainly help you with that, but we can also assist you in knowing what mechanical failure indicators could result in a non-running car, leaving you stranded on the side of the road or, even worse, causing a serious accident.

According to the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC), “A significant 14.1 % of road crashes in South Africa can be attributed to factors associated with the mechanics of the cars involved.”

The most common mechanical culprits in serious car accidents are burst tyres, brake-related issues and steering and suspension problems. Failure to address any of these roadworthy mechanical warning signs has serious consequences and you will be sitting with a non-running car that may not be deemed worthy of a trade-in by a dealer.

In the past, major mechanical failure meant a one-way street to the scrapyard for a lowball cash offer. But cars have come a long way and a non-running car - due to mechanical failure - still has value and that is where we come in. If you are faced with having to sell your accident-damaged or wrecked vehicle, we come to the rescue; towing it free of charge, offering you a competitive cash price and handling all the paperwork of deregistering your car. (No wonder we are getting the thumbs up).

Culprit #1 -Tyre issues

A burst tyre or blowout (caused by a sudden loss of pressure), or smooth tyres (with minimal protective tread and inadequate traction), are the biggest mechanical contributors to car accidents on South African roads.

Mechanical car issues - check tyre pressure

In wet weather or on dirt roads, tyres, where the tread has worn thin, do not have sufficient road grip and take more distance to brake. The damage caused to your vehicle in such scenarios is serious and you will be faced with having to sell your non-running or wrecked car.

A tyre that is worn-out or under-inflated is more vulnerable to bursting in bad road conditions. A sudden loss of pressure will likely take the driver by surprise and immediately reduce their control.

Timeously replacing your tyres, regularly checking their alignment every 10 000km (or once a year), and rotating the front and back tyres every 6 months are responsible practices to mitigate a potential accident situation and be faced with the stressful reality of having to sell your non-running or wrecked car.

Culprit #2 - Brake issues

Faulty brakes are the cause of a significant number of road accident statistics. The most common mechanical brake problems are:

  • Reduced performance due to brake fluid draining away as a result of leaks in the brake lines.
  • A mechanical malfunction of the Antilock Brake System (ABS)
  • Serious wear and tear on the brake pads and discs
Accident damaged car

Safety first principles will mean adhering to the recognised and advised following distances and responsible maintenance will include an inspection of the car’s brake pads every 30 000km.

Culprit #3 - Steering and suspension issues

Wear and tear on the steering and suspension mechanical workings of a vehicle are not as obvious to discern but can result in you losing control of your vehicle at an unexpected moment, often resulting in a serious accident with oncoming traffic.

Keeping up your regular service and maintenance checks is the best way to diagnose steering and suspension issues before you are faced with a serious problem.

Sell your damaged car - your South African solution

Here at Sell your damaged car, we have been in the industry long enough to know that accidents happen and in South Africa the stats are shocking. You can tick the duty of care checklist, drive responsibly and heed any mechanical warning signs, but you may unfortunately still be the victim of a car accident, leaving you with a non-running or wrecked vehicle that needs to be sold.

If you do need to sell your non-running or damaged car, rest assured that we will offer you a competitive cash price.


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