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Your car is no longer reliable. Mechanical troubles or accident-damage have made your vehicle a serious liability. A repair job is simply too costly and you need to sell your damaged car soon. While there are limited available sales options, you wonder what sales method will be the fastest, safest and give you the most cash in your pocket. You’ve got a few friends who boast about getting a good deal out of selling their cars privately, but is this the best option for selling a damaged car?

Consider the following factors before navigating the logistics of selling your non-running or accident-damaged car privately:

#1 Time wasters

Whether you advertise your car on an online sales platform or place a bold sign on your back window, there are a variety of ways to conduct a private sale.

In some cases, private sales provide the best return on your investment because trade-ins or selling your car to a dealer will end up stripping you of any profit so that dealers can make theirs. But full disclosure is required in any sale, and unless a private buyer is looking for parts, they are unlikely to want to buy your damaged car. The risk is too great.

Dispairing man wonders how he will sell his damaged car

If you do land up putting up a private ad online, bear in mind that this comes with a number of time-sapping consequences which may make you think twice:

  • You’ll need to put real effort into advertising your car.
  • Damaged cars are less desirable than functional ones, meaning you could wait a long time before you receive the price you were hoping for.
  • You’ll have to field a number of enquiries and send people extra information, which can be exhausting.
  • You’ll need to arrange viewing appointments. While some will pitch, others will be late, cancel at the last minute or not show up at all.
  • You’ll need to keep your car clean and shiny to show off its best side to potential buyers (which is already tricky after an accident).
  • You’ll need to get all the car’s paperwork together.
  • You will need to be open to negotiation for a lower price due to the damage.
#2 Safety concerns

If the first point wasn’t enough to steer you away from selling your damaged car privately, perhaps security factors will raise a red flag and ward you off this option.

The reality is that scammers and opportunistic criminals are ready and waiting to pounce on trusting first-time private sellers.

Couple assess safety concerns on their damaged car

If you do decide to sell your damaged car privately, here are some tips to mitigate any dodgy scenarios:

  • Meet any viewer at a public location like a police station.
  • Rope in some friends to act as ‘bodyguards’ during the interaction.
  • Never allow interested parties to test drive the vehicle without you (and preferably also a friend) being present with them in the vehicle. Keep to a public and busy route. (A test drive will not be possible if the car is non-running).
  • Never release the car to the potential buyer until you see the money in your bank account or cash in your hand.
#3 Call backs

Private car sales always run the risk of the buyer coming back to you and claiming that the vehicle has an undisclosed fault (as if there weren’t enough problems with your damaged vehicle already).

If you did not disclose the defect to the buyer, you may be responsible for the repair bills or, worse, having a lawsuit on your hands (as if you need more stress in your life).

Man complains about undisclosed fault on recently purchased car

When you sell to a reputable auto-salvage dealer like Sell Your Damaged Car (SYDC), the sale is final. No recalls, no stress. We buy cars in any condition, no matter the damage.

#4 High risk

While Joe Soap claims he managed to get a good deal for his car by selling it privately, there is no guarantee that your private car sale will conclude with a similar outcome (especially considering the damage or mechanical issues your car is presenting).

While some people manage to sell their cars within a day or two for more than they bargained for, it is about as safe and stress-free as sports betting.

You need to find a quick, safe and lucrative solution to your damaged car problem.

Woman worries about the risk of selling her damaged car privately
Sell your damaged car without the hassle

Whether your vehicle was damaged in a fire, flood, car-accident or it’s just given up the ghost, Sell Your Damaged Car will buy it and give you the best cash price.

Don’t have time to waste with paperwork, endless queries and advertising? Forget the stress and let Sell Your Damaged Car handle all the paperwork and even tow your car free of charge.

Want a secure, fast, convenient and hassle-free online experience?


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