Top 4 Reasons To Sell Your Uninsured Accident Damaged Car

In South Africa, treacherous roads and a lack of law enforcement create the perfect storm for car accidents. As a daily occurrence on our roads, you need to be prepared should you ever find yourself with an accident-damaged car. Instead of taking a financial knock, SellYourDamagedCar can provide you with some much-needed cash in hand to put the incident behind you.

If your accident-damaged car is uninsured, you may find yourself under unforeseen financial strain if you are sitting with a vehicle you cannot sell or afford to repair.

In our tough economy, nobody can afford this kind of setback. These challenges make the prospect of selling your accident-damaged car more appealing and here are a few more reasons why:

1. Repairing accident-damaged cars is expensive

When your car is not insured, you will be liable for all the repair costs, which can often be exorbitant. Even relatively minor accidents can result in repairs that end up costing large amounts of money.

2. You get cash in your pocket

Over and above the costs of repairing or replacing an accident-damaged car, there are often many other potential expenses associated with a vehicle accident. If you were responsible for the incident, you could be liable to pay damages to any other parties involved or immovable property that was damaged during the crash.

There may also be medical expenses to cover if you were injured and required medical treatment (e.g. surgery/hospital stay/physio). On that note, if your injuries were severe enough that you are unable to work or had to take extensive time off, you will need the cash to cover your general living expenses.

By selling your accident-damaged car to SellMyDamagedCar, you are empowering yourself with cash-in-hand to take some financial pressure off your back.

3. Skip the headache of private sales

There is a lot of admin and hassle involved in the aftermath of a car accident, from dealing with towing companies to filing police reports and gathering quotes for repairs.

A woman holds her head in her hands following a car accident

Instead of going through the painstaking and costly process of trying to get your car repaired and then attempting a private sale, you can sell your accident-damaged vehicle to us.

We understand that your frustration and stress levels are likely at an all-time high, which is why we’ve made it easy peasy to sell your crashed car.

4. Accident-damaged cars are troublesome

The reality is that even the very best repairs may never restore your accident-damaged car to its former glory - it’s going to shake, rattle and hiss at you until it’s eventual demise.

Sadly, its value decreased the moment the accident happened and over and above the mission of trying to sell it one day, it’s likely to give you endless (expensive!) problems.

Instead of forking out your life savings to try to patch your car back together, it’s sometimes a smarter move to cut your losses and sell your car to us.

Get instant cash with Sell Your Damaged Car

Stop the endless cycle of stressing about how to cover repair costs or get rid of your car. When you sell your accident-damaged car to us you enjoy several benefits which include:

  • Avoid paying for costly repairs
  • Avoid the security risk of unwanted criminals disguising as potential buyers
  • No haggling for a price with a private buyer, we make an offer and take the car off your hands (with free towing)
  • Avoid the money-pit and hassle of driving an accident-damaged car
  • Upload your vehicle on our website in minutes and a consultant will contact you with an offer.

Ready to sell your car?

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