Dispelling The Myths Around Selling Accident-Damaged Cars

You heard and felt the crash and now you’ve stepped out of the vehicle to inspect the damage. It doesn’t look good. Your once prized possession appears to be more like a ‘hunk of junk’ than a long-term asset. If you had insurance, they would probably declare the car ‘written-off’ or wrecked. But you just hadn’t gotten around to adding that expense to your monthly budget and now it’s too late. Fear not! There are quick, fair and hassle-free ways to sell accident-damaged or salvage vehicles for more cash than you bargained for.

Unfortunately, there are a myriad of myths doing the rounds concerning the viability of selling wrecked or accident-damaged vehicles. We, at Sell Your Damaged Car, want to set the record straight and allow you to breathe a sigh of relief so you can proceed with confidence.

We have outlined 3 of the most common lies concerning written-off or crashed vehicles:

Myth #1 - Accident-damaged cars are ‘damaged goods’

There’s nothing kind or endearing about using the derogatory term ‘damaged goods’ to describe a person - and the same applies to a vehicle.

But let’s face facts: people do think of wrecked cars as damaged goods (and that is, technically, a correct assumption). Accident-damaged vehicles are worth less than cars without any dents or scratches.

But that doesn’t mean there are no options for their future. These cars can be:

  • Repaired and resold
  • Used for parts
  • Sold for their scrap metal.

Despite their blemished, vandalised or crumpled exterior, these vehicles could have a number of functional parts that are valuable to someone - even if that someone is not you.

And there are so many reasons to sell your accident-damaged car instead of leaving it out to rust under a tree in your backyard.

An accident-damaged vehicle is assessed

Let Sell Your Damaged Car give you a fair, accurate assessment of your vehicle’s worth so that you can make a good decision about its future.

Myth #2 - Accident-damaged cars take longer to sell

Maybe you know someone who tried to sell their wrecked car privately or at a used vehicle showroom. They were probably offered low-ball figures and slapped with a number of closed doors. But that’s only because they weren’t approaching the right people.

Selling your car to a reputable auto-salvage dealer like Sell Your Damaged Car not only reduces your stress (since we handle all the paperwork, offering a simple, user-friendly process and fair price), but also gives you instant cash (ensuring you get paid within 24 hours of accepting our offer).

Concerned about your monthly repayments to the bank for your financed accident-damaged car? We negotiate with the bank on your behalf to get you a fair offer, plus we will tow away your wrecked vehicle free of charge.

Myth #3 - Accident-damaged cars are worthless

Ever heard of the saying ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’? This extends to cars, too.

While a scrapyard may give you next to nothing for the weight of the vehicle’s scrap metal, and a used car showroom might turn their noses up to the sight of a car with serious accident-damage, Sell Your Damaged Car buys wrecked, salvage or non-running vehicles in any condition.

A car is wrecked following a road accident

So whether your vehicle has a small dent, some serious structural damage or is only valuable for its spare parts, we want you to sell your accident-damaged car (whatever the damage) to us! We promise to offer an accurate, market-related price that will make you smile.

Sell Your Damaged Car to the rescue

Don’t let the gossip on the street put you off getting the best cash price for your accident-damaged wheels.

Let our 4.8 out of 5 Hellopeter rating and piles of positive reviews give you assurance that we are the best place to sell your accident-damaged car.


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